• Are you tired of dealing with headaches or back pain?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping… a constant ‘on’ button that you can’t seem to turn off?
  • Would you like support for healthy lifestyle changes?

I offer therapeutic massage specializing in craniosacral therapy – a gentle, yet profound, form of bodywork that deals with the head, spinal cord and sacrum and the fluid that flows within.Sandi giving a massage I also offer trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, Swedish, prenatal, doTERRA  AromaTouch massage, and holistic facials.

Not quite sure what is right for you? I draw from a background of over 20 years of experience in a variety of healing modalities. Your health history, lifestyle and emotional well-being are all considered, as well as your intention for seeking massage therapy, to create a session that will give you the most benefit. All sessions are finished with a few minutes of craniosacral therapy as it offers a soothing benefit to the nervous system.

My goal is to offer nurturing support for a healthy body, mind and spirit so you can leave feeling better about life!

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